Founded in 2014, TokyoMTG has become the go-to international Magic: The Gathering store in Japan.

Our focus has always been to create a comfortable, accepting and culturally diverse environment for everyone - that’s what sets us apart from the crowd.  

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Here at TokyoMTG, whether you’re living in Tokyo or just passing through, our doors are open.

Being in a big city can be a lonely endeavor, we want to be there for you, to give you a place you can call home. Our mission is to show everyone around the world the wonders of Magic: The Gathering. Through thrilling gameplay, varied formats, and of course, beautiful art, which is on display in our store - we bring it all together for you. We offer not only a cozy environment to spend time in, but also an extensive range of products including cards for every format, sleeves and even Dungeons & Dragons products.  

So stop on by and stay for a spell.




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Founder & CEO

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Creative Director

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Store Manager

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Brand Manager

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Acquisitions Manager

Mitch edited.jpg

Inventory Manager

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Store Sales Representative

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Store Service Associate

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Store Service Associate

Store Service Associate

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Store Marketing Associate

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Store Sales Associate

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Store Sales Associate

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Store Operations Associate

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Online Support Associate

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Online Inventory Associate

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Online Inventory Associate

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