At TokyoMTG, we will take good care of your cards!


Whether you are in Tokyo long-term or on a short stay, we are always happy to have a look at your collection to offer great prices on your cards.
By clicking any of the banners below, you can have a look at our detailed buylist even before coming to the store. Please understand that these prices are for in-store buying only, and that prices change regularly.

Once you arrive at the store, all you have to do is talk to any of our staff members. Once you hand them the cards you wish to sell to us, they will pass them on to our dedicated team of buyers in the back office.

Depending on how many cards there are or how busy the team is with buying on that day, it might take a little time before we can present the offer for your cards. We want to make sure to look at your collection in detail to give you a fair offer!
While waiting for our appraisal to finish, you can hang out at the store, play in one of our tournaments, or go grab something to eat somewhere.

When you receive our offer, you can have a final look through and decide if there are any cards you wish to keep, before we prepare the total to be paid out.
When selling cards for cash, please make sure to bring some form of ID to fill out basic paperwork. Your passport or Japanese residence card will do!


About Store Points and Trade-In Credit

If you are planning to make any kind of purchase at the store after selling cards to us, you may choose to sell your cards for points rather than cash. In this case, we offer a 10% trade-in bonus. 
After you have received our cash offer, you can decide at the end if you wish to receive cash or points, and you can also split up the total any way you like. 
Points may be used for any retail item at the store, including singles, booster packs and sleeves. Only a few items are sometimes excluded from this, but they will specifically say so on the price tag.