DATE: JULY 13-16



After many years world-renowned MTG artist Lucas Graciano is coming back to Japan; this time exclusively at TokyoMTG! Don’t miss this rare chance to meet Lucas during these four special days in July.

Lucas is well-known as the creator of many popular card illustrations, among them Thoughtseize from Theros and Promo Grave Titan. The latter will be the main highlight of this event: Grave Titan is an award-winning masterpiece and will be on public display for the first time in Japan. Finding a special place amongst the other original art pieces at the TokyoMTG store gallery; this is a must see for every fantasy art fan. Lucas will also be bringing several more of his other works, including some from the new Core Set 2020 - these will be on exhibition for the first time anywhere in the world at this event!

The four days while Lucas is around will be a great chance to get to know the artist and to hang out with him in a relaxed and personal environment. You can ask him to get your cards signed whenever you show up and you can buy tickets in advance to get some special commissions done by him, such as card alterations, artist proof sketches or even huge playmat drawings. Click the “Buy Tickets Now” button below to learn more about the different tickets available.

Then there is of course the big main event on Monday, July 15th, which is a public holiday in Japan. Before the regular store opening hours of TokyoMTG, we will be hosting a live painting session with Lucas! He will be spending two hours in an intimate setting, drawing an oil painting from scratch and explaining his techniques in the process. Seats are very limited for this exclusive event, so make sure you grab a ticket ahead of time. We also have a handful of VIP tickets, which will give you even more exclusive time with the artist: spend the morning with him in a meet & greet, and receive a special hand-drawn gift as part of this very limited package!

You can purchase these tickets in advance to reserve a spot at the art event.