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TokyoMTG ships all orders from Tokyo, Japan to any destination worldwide.

We offer a variety of shipping options suited to fit your individual needs and we strive to make the process of shipping from Japan as easy, cheap and secure as possible.

SHIPPING options

Plain letter (¥200*,free if total value is more than ¥10,000)

is the basic shipping option that offers no additional protection. It is cheap and arrives within a reasonable time frame, but there is no tracking and we can take no responsibility in cases of lost mail. This shipping option is generally not recommended and the customer takes full responsibility when choosing plain letter as their shipping method.

Registered letter (¥700*,free if total value is more than ¥50,000)

allows for online tracking of the shipment. It costs more than a plain letter and arrives in about the same time frame. In cases of registered mail not arriving, we will work together with Japan Post to ensure that you will either get your cards or, in rare cases of lost mail, your money back.*
*exceptions for shipping to countries where full tracking is not available may apply. Please see our FAQ for details.

EMS (¥1,500*,free if total value is more than ¥50,000)

(registered express mail, only for customers outside Japan) is the fastest and safest way to ship cards from Japan. It is fairly expensive, but will receive preferred treatment from Japan Post, which makes it safer and faster than normal letters. EMS can also be tracked online and in many years of experience, there has never been any shipment lost with EMS. This is the recommended shipping option for maximum safety.

*For every additional set of 10 cards, ¥50 will be added to the shipping cost to compensate for increased weight of the shipment.

Shipping duration

Expected duration of shipments varies based on the shipping option chosen and the customer's location. Generally, shipping as a plain letter or registered letter takes about 1-3 weeks, while EMS arrives within 3-5 business days.

All of these numbers are given by Japan Post and are ultimately just estimates. In our long experience in shipping from Japan, many orders actually arrive faster, but we cannot give any guarantee as to when your cards will arrive. Most orders will make it in time, but several factors such as exact location of your address, weather, customs, etc. can result in delays in individual cases. However, we will always be there to help in those rare cases where something unexpected happens.

Because of issues with shipping in the past, customers from Italy, Spain and Brazil must choose either registered letter or EMS.