Guilds of Ravnica Artist Event

A Super Successful Artist Event


On October 20 and 21, at Tokyo MTG, Magic artists Suzanne Helmigh, Titus Lunter, Anna Steinbauer were invited to hold a signing session and then Titus gave a talk on his work on the concept team of Guilds of Ravnica.


A great talk given by Titus Lunter! The theme of his talk was “Storytelling Through Color And Mood”.


Between signings, each artist drew a sketch for the TokyoMTG store! We now have them decorating the walls of the store so come and check them out!

The theme was everything Ravnica this event and it gave us a chance, with the help of some other original art owners, to exhibit some relevant art.


Other than these pieces, TokyoMTG is always exhibiting beautiful original Magic art pieces. We also have created and posted art descriptions (how they were made, original ideas for the piece, etc.) for each piece.

Autumn is a great season for art, so how about stopping by TokyoMTG and checking out all our art?